Product Authenticity

As it happens in the fashion world, unfortunately even in the realm of design we have to acknowledge the existence of illegal operators who sell counterfeit products.
It has also happened for Memphis' products, but the police has promptly discovered the fraud and the number of false pieces is in fact very small.

Counterfeit products are very difficult to spot even by a trained expert, but Memphis is able to recognize with absolute certainty original pieces from illegal copies.

If your Memphis piece has a numbered label, we can trace the product and determine its origin, otherwise, if there's no number on the label there is a special procedure to be followed.
Memphis can provide expertise to verify the authenticity of the products and issue a certificate.

To receive more information on the subject or to book an expert consultation we kindly invite Memphis customers to contact us using the email below, or by calling the following number +39 02 93290663.