Maurizio Mochetti

(Rome, Italy, 1940)

Maurizio Mochetti attended the Art School and then the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Since 1962 with the work Sfera trasparente con proiezioni di luce (Transparent Sphere with Light Projections), Mochetti’s interest has been oriented towards light, conceived in its physicality, like matter, without any symbolic or mystical significance. Cars, planes, weapons, and geometries also appear frequently in the artist’s imagination. In 1968 he made his debut on the Roman art scene with his first solo exhibition. Since the early ‘70s he has featured on the international scene, participating in many major international exhibitions, such as the Venice Biennale, the Sydney Biennale, and the São Paulo Art Biennial. In 2009 he won the international competition MAXXIduepercento with the work Linee rette di luce nell’iperspazio curvilineo (Lines in Curvilinear Hyperspace), permanently placed in the hall of the Museum MAXXI in Rome. In 2013 he won the Prize President of the Republic.