Javier Mariscal

(Valencia, Spain, 1950)

Javier Mariscal is a graphic designer, furniture designer, illustrator, and painter. He studied Graphics at ELISAVA Escola Universitària de Disseny i Enginyeria in Barcelona in the early ’70s. After finishing his studies, Mariscal, together with a group of friends, published the first Spanish underground comic: El Rrollo Enmascarado in 1973. In 1980 he received his first major commission to create a stool for a bar in Valencia. In 1981 he was invited by the Memphis Group to collaborate on their first collection. Among his best known works is Cobi, the mascot of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. In 1989 he founded Estudio Mariscal, which worked on projects for several well-known companies. Chico & Rita (2010), an animated film directed together with Fernando Trueba, received an Oscar nomination and the Goya Prize for best animated film.