Raffaello Biagetti

An eclectic and visionary figure born in Florence in 1940 who passed away in 2008 in Ravenna. He worked as a painter in Santarcangelo di Romagna where he began his figurative research, dedicating himself to painting until 1975. In 1968 his family gave him the task of managing their furniture shop in Ravenna. With this opportunity he moved to Ravenna permanently and designed his first collection of objects “No place” (“Sine loco”). This first experience led to a second collection in 1973 – “Earth” (“Terrae”), a collection of apparently poor terracotta objects, finally leading to the most recent collections “Iron and Fire” (“Ferro e Fuoco”) in 1989 and Mostrilli in 1998.

In the early 1980s Biagetti founded the “Museum of Contemporary Furnishing” (il Museo dell’Arredo Contemporaneo) in Ravenna. This museum project was conceived and created with the help of Filippo Alison, Giovanni Klaus Koenig, Giuseppe Chigiotti and Ettore Sottsass who designed the main gallery and the entrance hall creating a mosaic measuring 45m². After some years Biagetti defined the museum project as “a Utopian Installation – romantic, seductive, ironic, dramatic…”