Gary Morga

Gary Morga was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1956. He studied Silversmithing and Metalwork at Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts, London. He continued his studies at Glasgow School of Art completing the, MA (design) course. After completing his studies, he was awarded the Haldane Scholarship.

In 1986 Barbara Radice invited him to submit designs for the Memphis Milano Lights Exhibition, to be held later that year. His design for a floor lamp, NASTRO, was chosen for inclusion in the exhibition. It was to be the last exhibition of the Memphis Milano group.

As a lecturer in design at a number of colleges and universities in the UK he refined a language orientated methodology for synthesising postmodern design. This culminated in a project, Sils Maria, where he formalised the design process.

The project, Sils Maria, in its entirety was acquired by the National Museum of Scotland and is part of the National Collection.

Several other of his designs have also been acquired by the National Museum and by private collectors from around the world.