Castello di Sartirana Lomellina, Pavia
Designer: Giacomo Moor
Partner: Pila Gallery

The collection “Attraverso” by Memphis/Post Design designed by Giacomo Moor is on display at the Pila Gallery space, in the Ancient Rice Warehouses, inside the architectural complex of the Castello Visconteo di Sartirana Lomellina, in the province of Pavia. ATTRAVERSO utilizes old oak beams which, with their knots, imperfections, and cracks, witness the passage of time. The work centres on the transformation of these enormous beams, whose only task was to hold, into treasure-cases. The fundamental relationship between the beam and the architectural volume is replicated in the ATTAVERSO collection, albeit at a smaller scale, by joining wood with cement, the material that more than any other marks thresholds of passage. As in a building, Moor’s combination of these two elements ensures solidity, with no need for further connecting components