Anna Gili

(Orvieto, Terni, Italy, 1960)

Anna Gili is a designer and artist who graduated from the ISIA Istituto Superiore Industrie Artistiche of Florence in 1984. Milanese design culture had a great impact on her education during the 1980s. In 1989 she moved from Florence to Milan, where she opened her professional studio. Anna Gili’s approach to design is holistic and uses disciplines such as art, design, interior design, and architecture as tools of intercultural empathy. Anna Gili’s interest in the possibilities of performative expression led her to avant-garde creations such as the Tonda armchair and the Cro vase. Anna Gili Design Studio works for leading companies in the furniture and interior design sector. Gili’s works have been exhibited in numerous design exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.